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The Blood That Binds Us

She is the wielder of blood magic,

and she may end them all.



Wren has never stolen a life, but that doesn't stop her from believing her darkness makes her a walking nightmare. Harboring a power so lethal, unpredictable, and entirely forbidden by kingdom law, Wren's spent her whole life hiding what she is-who she is. A bloodwitch.


Meanwhile, a war is looming, and Wren's feral magic may be the only thing that can stop the uprising from destroying the kingdom, her home, and everyone that stands in their way. After her sister is captured by the rebellion, Wren must seek help from the kingdom's ruler who would sooner imprison her than offer aid. Except... Singard needs her, and when she volunteers the use of her power in exchange for his help finding her sister, an unlikely alliance is born.


Forced into a reluctant compromise with the "white-haired witch," Sin finds himself protecting Wren for his kingdom's survival, but their star-crossed relationship quickly spirals into one straddling the precipice of hate and passion. As secrets are unveiled and loyalties are tested, neither are sure who they can trust.

Alcohol consumption, death, descriptions of blood, explicit language, explicit sexual content, mention of child abuse, sexual assault (including attempted rape on-page and mention of it occuring in the past,) sexual kinks (blood and knife play,) talk and threats of genocide of fantasy peoples, and violence.

Content Warnings

The Bonds That Break Us

She wants revenge.
He wants her.

After learning of Sin's dark deceptions, Wren travels to The Feral Vale where she is introduced to the

rustic land of the elves. She vows to protect her family at all expense, even if that means keeping the

Black Art's treacherous secret.


When a realm divided draws the unwanted attention of a neighboring king, Wren and the elves must

resort to clever schemes to gain leverage in the impending war. Wren and her family are determined to

lay low-a challenging feat when the entire kingdom guard is searching for the "white-haired witch."

She longs to forget the betrayal that drove her here, more so, she longs to forget him, but when

circumstance thrusts them together, the result is nothing short of incendiary.

As motives come to light, Wren isn't sure who she can rely on, but one fact becomes startling, and

infuriatingly, clear: Wren and Sin must combine forces if any of them has a hope to survive the

disconcerting conflict ahead. With past hurts challenging them at every step, the road ahead is



War is brutal, but nothing is more maiming than furious love.

Content Warnings

Alcohol consumption, breath play, death, descriptions of blood, explicit language, explicit sexual content, hand necklaces, mention of the death of a partner, talk and threats of genocide of fantasy peoples, and violence.

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